The Face of Belligerence


See this? This is what he looked like the moment before his small fist made contact with my leg. I just so happened to catch it on camera while trying to record his creative use of Costco boxes outside (a co-op donation center not unlike the UCSB Family Housing “Swap Shop”). He apparently was not pleased with my desire. He made it known in no uncertain terms. I was wicked ticked.

My boy is not a hitter, usually. I can count on one hand the number of times he’s lashed out in frustration. I think that’s why I’m feeling so irked about his recent outbursts (2 in the last week). We sat down to have a long talk about it. Consequences were dished out. Tears were shed. But at the end of the day, we both pledged to restrain ourselves–Warren from physical aggression and me from losing my temper. We agreed to pray for help with our goals. I hope I don’t see this look again.

But I am glad I got a record of it for posterity’s sake.

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