Larks & Owls

My friend, Estella, told me that when it comes to sleep there are two types of kids: Larks and Owls. One set rises at the butt-crack of dawn with a smile, completely ready to start the day and happy to be awake. Owls are just the opposite. They prefer to play until the wee hours of the night and feel more alive as the moon rises.

I am not a lark.

But my sweet Warren is. Though he’s always been a good sleeper (sleeping through the night by 1.5 months–please don’t hate me) he has also been an early riser. We had to put a digital clock in his room and teach him that he couldn’t come out until it said 7:00 at which point he’d burst into our room with a robust, “It’s SEVEN, Dad & Mama!” Maddie has yet to reveal her true identity, but she appears to take after her mama more than a little.

Thank goodness Colin is more of a morning person than I am. I think that, at the beginning of our marriage, he was more prone to starting the day early, but I have since turned him to the dark side. But he does rise with the children more than I do. It takes me a full 20 minutes to fully wake up and stop being mad at the sun for shining.

I want to be like Warren and be full of energy at the start. I can fit so much more in the day if I get up before the kids. Scripture study, exercises, shower… I should have that done before their day begins or it may never get done. Can one become a lark and not resent it? I’m going to give it a try this week and see how my days go.

(Um, I’m not off to a good start since I’m writing this post at 11:26PM.)


Are you a lark or an owl?

10 thoughts on “Larks & Owls”

  1. Great analogy! I’m a lark and thank goodness Jack is an owl, because I am completely worthless after 8:30 pm. I think “lark or owl” should be a required question on a marriage application.

  2. I am totally an owl, but I have a couple of larks myself. I feel your pain. I’ve tried to turn into a lark for years now, but once 9 pm rolls around, regardless of how tired I previously was, I still have owl-like energy. I wish I was a lark too.

  3. Hmm, is it possible to be neither? I’d really like sleeping until after 9AM (which NEVER happens) and going to bed by 9PM (which NEVER happens)! Then there’s Ed, 6 hours of sleep and he’s good to go – it’s really unfair!

  4. You totally don’t need me to answer this one :). But here is another question – our bishop instructed everyone that couples need to go to bed TOGETHER because one up late alone is when bad things start to happen. So how will this work fairly for my poor owl when I can’t keep my eyes open past 9pm?

  5. I am such an owl! We kinda have the same story…at the beginning of our marriage Garrett was a lark, but I’ve turned him into an owl since then. We’ll see what happens when we have kids.

  6. I’m exactly like you Jeannie. Each day I think “I’ve got to go to bed earlier so I can get up tomorrow before the kids…” but I have more energy in the evening than I thought and go to bed later than I planned… and hate the sun in the morning. It’s a vicious cycle. I want to become a lark too.

  7. What do you do when your child is a lark and an owl! This must be the result of being the offspring of a lark/owl partnership.

    Guess which one I am? Does the time I showed up at work help? he he

  8. I am SUCH an Owl! I can remember having issues getting up in the morning in elementary school, sadly enough. I think my husband had some great Lark potential until I ruined him. If there is some secret to turning into a Lark, please tell me! It seems like such a better way to go than to be late to anything scheduled before noon.

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