A Word to the Wise: Sit Up!


Or in other words, make sure you maintain good posture.

After accepting the challenge back in January to take better care of my body, I began chiropractic rehabilitation. X-rays revealed that I was on the fast track for Anterior (Forward) Head Syndrome (AHS) since I had lost 97% of the curve in my neck. For 3 months (actually longer because we were delayed in Los Angeles for 6 weeks when Maddie was recovering from surgery) I was to go in 3 times a week for a spinal adjustment, exercise my neck morning and night using 4 pound head weights worn for 20 minutes, and finish off the day with a 25 minute spinal molding, laying on my back with wedges under my neck and lower back.

It helped, and I’m glad I went this route, but what a complete drag! With two kiddos to care for each day, I did not have time for this kind of intense regimen. But in all honesty, I wasn’t always faithful in keeping up with my home portion of the exercises. Though I knew that slacking off would lessen my chances of correcting my neck/back problem, not to mention throw our money down the drain (NOT a small fee for all this, I can tell you!), I felt justified in skipping a day or two or three because I was irritated that it took so much time out of my already busy life. Plus, I started to see results with minimal effort. What a baby brat I am!

What I learned from this experience is that I could have avoided much of this by just being aware of my posture, especially at the computer, and by exercising more regularly. I grossly underestimated the virtue of ergonomics. I am reminded of the nagging instruction my mother and Grandma Jean offered to me all throughout my childhood: sit up, Jeanne Louise! Oh, if I had only listened…

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I’m sitting up perfectly straight as I type this. Posture is something I NEED to improve on.

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