Wax Paper Fiasco

We use wax paper to cover our food in the microwave while reheating. Normally, we only use a single sheet once. Twice if we have a similar dish to reheat at one meal. Today, we were nuking leftover mostaccioli and we helped ourselves to one, two, three servings each, requiring an extra amount of mileage from one wax paper sheet. Six times it covered our bowls. By the 5th time our house smelled like a tobacco den. It reeked so bad, but we didn’t know where it was coming from. Was it leaking out of the the heating vents?  Cigarette smoke seeping in from our neighbors’ apartment? “Nicotine Pete” and his chums to the back of us that force us to close our upstairs window? Surely, someone else was causing us to inhale carcinogens at an alarming rate.

And then I leaned down and smelled my newly reheated food– the bowl covered by the wax paper sheet on its 5th round. Dis-gust-ing. It smelled like an ashtray that hadn’t been cleaned since the dawn of the Cold War.

Moral of the story: don’t use wax paper more than twice in one sitting!

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