Fail Brownies

We were trying to get out the door for a church event– a goodbye party for some friends moving out of our ward (one of 12 families in a mass exodus to more affordable living places).

As usual, I had lofty goals about the treat contribution I volunteered to provide that evening. We barely scraped through dinner and skimmed over a Family Home Evening lesson as I was scrambling to finish the made-from-scratch brownies I hadn’t left enough time to prepare. Doubling the recipe is a sure-fire way to make you late to your event. The chocolate was still jiggly in the center at the exact time that we were supposed to be setting them on the party table.

I pulled them out of the oven anyway and tried to cut them into squares as best I could. As they gooed and plopped into chocolate blobs, I knew it was a disaster.

“Colin, I can’t bring these to the party!” I whined from the kitchen. “These brownies are a big, fat FAIL!”

And in my moment of self-pity Warren stepped up to survey the situation.

“Mama, fail brownies are the best ever!” He consoled. “I wanted you to make them look like a crashed house and you did.”

Bringing my imperfect treat to the party 15 minutes late wasn’t so bad afterall.

P.S. I would have taken a picture, but if I’d had time to do that I probably would have had time to bake them properly.

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