Wasp Extermination, Canasta, and the Like…

By Friday, we’d made it to Pasco, Washington. The good, old Tri-Cities. Colin’s cousin Shay was to be married that Saturday, so we used that opportunity to stay with Dave, Christy, and Anika. (When we get the legal clearance, I’m posting the ADORABLE picture of Anika and Madeline wearing matching dresses!)

These friends are fantastic and always up for fun and games. Games that might even include seeking and destroying large amounts of wasp hives hanging from their eaves. Yes, when Dave and Colin get together there’s no telling what mischief they’ll conjure in the name of home owner’s maintenance. (We told them that it was a good thing they weren’t in Scout Camp together or they would have been kicked out for sure.) Armed with bug spray guaranteed to shoot up to 25 feet, they ran around the backyard with scopes and flashlights, firing away.

photo by Christy

We also spent time at the water park down by the Colombia River. Such a great place to play when temperatures reach 100 degrees nearly every summer day.


And it wouldn’t be a visit without a game of Canasta and Magic Cookie Bars. They had to share us too much with famly this time, but we made the most out of our game playing.

And not to displace Noggin and Ashi, but Warren remembered how much he loved Nyla. Such a sweet, patient dog.

photo by Christy

But the best part of this particular stop: Maddie suddenly over came her aversion to other people holding her. It was like magic! As soon as we walked in the door, Christy held her and *poof* no more tears. She remained like that the whole rest of the trip.

Thanks, Dave, Christy, and Ani for letting us play with you! As always, we wish it could have been longer…

3 thoughts on “Wasp Extermination, Canasta, and the Like…”

  1. It was great to have you! To add to the story, the last morning Renny decided he wanted his dad to help write us a note. “Dear Dave and Christy,” How sweet already! “I love…” oh, here it comes! We love this kid so much! “…Nyla.” Hmmm. Not what I expected, but Nyla is lovable. Yep, that was pretty much all he wanted to say :). I know Nyla missed Warren when he left too.

  2. Just for the record, I can get kicked out of scout camp without help. I did it once. I’m sure Dave would have helped me get sent home faster though.

  3. I love Warren sneaking a snip of the splash fountain. Also, I would like to request a post detailing the above scout camp incident.

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