Shay and Dan’s Wedding

Jenna Cole Photography
Jenna Cole Photography

One of the main reasons we headed up to Washington was to see the temple sealing of Shay and Dan. What a joyful, but hot (100+ degrees), day! Being in the temple with family was wonderful and the reception later that evening was just lovely.

It’s amazing to think that Shay was just a kid at our wedding (why am I voluntarily dating myself so?) and now she’s a beautiful bride– just as her sister, Jenna, became last fall which we were sad to miss.

The wedding took place at the Columbia River Temple. The very temple where Warren was sealed to us almost 4 years ago exactly. We were so happy to bring him back there to show him where he became eternally ours. We can’t wait for the opportunity to do that with Maddie.

Happy marriage, Shay and Dan!

And thanks again to Christy for watching our unruly children while we attended the sealing!

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  1. How sweet! That is the temple Jason and I were sealed in as well. I love it. The gold detailing is beautiful in its simplicity.

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