Echo Lake in July

Record breaking temperatures in Seattle (over 101 degrees!) had us fleeing for refuge by the water. Colin’s Aunt Linda and Uncle John live in a lovely home at the lake front. They invited us over to play.

We spent the entire afternoon sipping lemonade and soaking in the water. We found that taking the beach chairs and letting them sink just enough to get your butt wet really cooled you off.

The kids (many cousins and Warren) had a blast jumping off the dock and catching little fish in small nets only to let them go right away. Except Warren wanted to make one his pet and actually held it in his bare hand under water for several minutes while he continued to swim around. I thought the little fish enclosed in his fist that long would be a goner for sure. But it actually swam away when he finally decided to release it in order to guzzle down a can of root beer. Maddie spent most of the time splashing her feet in the water as Aunt Jamie held her and avoiding her nap.

Such a fun, relaxing day being with extended family we don’t often see.

One thought on “Echo Lake in July”

  1. Love your updates! Sounds like you guys had a great trip. Wish we could come see you and meet your little Maddie… can’t wait until you can post pictures of her! I take it things are going well with the adoption then.

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