Why Troy Rocks


Before we left for Washington, we planned a mini-reunion with friends from our days in the Seattle Institute Chorale. Troy was going to volunteer up his home and lake access and water toys so that we could all spend the day together catching up. What a guy!

But our kids began to get sick and we had to bail out on that fun plan. Being a responsible parent can seem like a real bummer when jet skis are involved!

But Troy, and Eileen, Luke, Lily, and Arya were so accommodating to meet up with us at Tami and Joe’s instead. Make that Tami and Joe were so accommodating to allow us to come to their home!

Our choir days were so much fun. Chorale was a big part of our college experience. It’s where Colin and I met. I love that we still keep in touch with so many of these great friends who were with us for life-changing events and during the time of our biggest spiritual growth.

Editor’s note: once we get the OK to post pictures of Maddie I promise that the obnoxious question mark will be removed! It is kinda funny, though!

2 thoughts on “Why Troy Rocks”

  1. Ah the memories. I’m really jealous that you got to see all the old friends. I have the fondest memories of choir – I’ve never (before or since) had so many wonderful friends!

    Christy! You should call/write me (I’ve tried to call you, but I don’t have your current number). Jeannie has my e-mail.

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