Vacation + Sickness = Bad

Who wants to be around someone who’s leaking snot and sounds like a 60-year-old smoker? Make that 3 somebodies grossly ill. Yes, we were a real live family cesspool pool of germs while in Seattle. All of us, except Colin, though he maintains that he was sick first with sinus problems. Not the same level of yuck, if you ask me.

Warren came down with the virus first, then Maddie was hit, and finally I succumbed. Luckily, we had Warren’s nebulizer and a slew of meds for him plus an antibiotic his doctor called in for us. He was set. Maddie survived, as well, though we did take her to see the doctor Tami recommended, just to be sure. The all-clear was a relief to hear.

Thank goodness we were with Tami and Joe at the time. They took care of us and let me lounge around until the NyQuil wore off. We missed seeing more friends and never made it to many of the sites and restaurants that we love to visit. But that’s OK. At least we were with those we love. Thanks, Tam and Joe, for making us feel at home.

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