244 Days

Maddie is 8 months old, folks! She is changing right and left, which is thrilling for us to see. This trip was a great opportunity for her to experience so many new faces and things. We got to see just how flexible she could be in her schedule. Not too shabby– a pretty good little traveler.

Currently, Maddie can:

  • Sit up tall and reach for things above her head
  • Let someone other than Mom or Dad hold her (phew!)
  • Chew small bits of food with her two teeth
  • Recognize the signs for “milk,” “more,” and “food”
  • Give great, big slobbery kisses
  • Turn pages of books, though not always in the correct order
  • Utter the “d’ and “m” sounds over and over and over again
  • Reach out her arms for us to hold her
  • Respond to her name

Maddie, when you laugh it cheers up the whole world. Your little smile melts my frustrations away. How wonderful that so many people could finally meet you and see just how charming you are!

One thought on “244 Days”

  1. You are right, she is both adorable and charming. I’m so glad that I did get to meet her! For all you blogstalkers who haven’t yet (and I was one for many months), take my word for it, Jeannie’s not exaggerating.

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