Family Reunion 2009

The last big event we attended in Washington was the annual Grandma Betty family reunion on Colin’s dad’s side. Since she had 11 siblings, it always makes for a big gathering! Many, many people were there at Lake Wenatchee, as well as way too many yellow jackets. Such pests!

Because we are wusses when it comes to “roughing it” with an infant, we decided against camping there with the other attendees. Instead, we stayed down the mountain in Leavenworth, a quaint Bavarian town where Colin and I started falling in love (a story for another time).

Because we stayed there, we were able to spend the prior afternoon with Colin’s Aunt Pat, Uncle Dan, and many of Colin’s visiting cousins, in their beautiful home in the mountains. We were glad to visit with Jay and Leah, in particular, because we hadn’t seen them since they graciously let us stay with them when Warren was born.

The day of the family picnic was a great opportunity to see how quickly time passes. The kids all grow up so fast. Our funny nephews– no longer little ones– kept us entertained as they ate real, freeze-dried bugs dipped in candy that we purchased for them at a candy store in Pismo Beach. We couldn’t resist trying to gross them out, but they accepted the challenge and actually went for it! Warren even ate chocolate covered ants and was disappointed that we didn’t have a lollipop scorpion for him!

Maddie made sure to vie for the slot of newest and cutest baby. Grandma Tuki felt compelled to show her off almost the entire time, so we enjoyed a little break as she held her.

I love the feeling of gathering as a family. There’s something about that connection that always seems to bring things back into perspective.

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