On the Way Home

It’s amazing how 2 weeks can fly by when you’re sick for part of it and you’ve tried to cram in visits with as many friends as possible. We enjoyed so much of our trip to Washington. It was kind of hard to go.

We left straight from the reunion and drove until we got to Bend, OR. Nice town. After driving all day Sunday, with a quick stop at the Historic Logging Equipment Museum, we made it to Colin’s cousin Lorie’s house in Yuba City. There, Maddie was the center of attention as Amelia, Lorie’s youngest, tried to monopolize holding her. They were fast friends after the day at Echo Lake. Hawaiian Haystacks dinner, killer sugar cookies, and time in the backyard helped us last the additional 45 minutes to Dixon, CA, where our journey began.

We stayed the night at a “deluxe” Super 8 that had a swimming pool. The next morning we took the kids in the water because, by 10 AM, it was already 85 degrees.

Before we started driving the remaining 6 hours home, we stopped again at Kelley and Ben’s for some popsicles and good conversation. How can we make you guys our neighbors?

We made it home by 10PM. Overall, the kids did well. I did get sick of telling Renny to stop kicking my chair. And of hearing him say he was hungry (read: bored) multiple times. But the car ride was good for the most part. We enjoyed the time together and since they didn’t cry or scream too much we actually could listen to music and stories, like “The BFG,” read out loud. I hope this trip becomes a tradition that we continue to keep… just maybe not every year.

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