Warren absolutely loves puppet shows. We’ve attended as many free ones as the library has sponsored. Swazzle produces some clever ones that we’ve enjoyed thoroughly.

Out of the blue today, Warren decided to put on a puppet show for Maddie and me. Just as he’s seen the other puppeteers do, he played some music (a random Pet Shop Boys album we’ve given him as a toy it’s so scratched), stopped and started the cd player when he spoke any dialogue (very limited), and made the puppets dance (one puppet on the shoulders of another was my favorite). At the end (something I’ve always liked that Swazzle does), he showed us what kind of puppets he used and how they worked. A fairly good replication of the typical puppet show sequence.

Maddie was especially enthralled by the performance. She loves her big brother. He is one constant source of entertainment. I can’t wait to see them putting these things on together.


I think we need to produce a show as a family. Any good tips on creating a “stage” for the puppets?

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