3/4 of a Year

Madeline is now 9 months old. At this stage she:

  • Squeals and kicks her legs at the baby sign and spoken question, “Do you want some milk/food?”
  • Sleeps through the night but not during nap time. I guess if I have to pick one…
  • Twists her body when reaching for toys while on her belly (a position she still doesn’t like)
  • Holds a regular cup with two hands and manages to get most of the contents in her mouth
  • Screeches in agony when anyone other than Mom or Dad tries to hold her (oh yes, she’s reverted back, much to our dismay)
  • Grunts and babbles with real intonation. She is having a real conversation, don’t you know?
  • Displays great promise of reaching “Drama Queen” status with her shrill cries and real tears

Maddie, your little personality grows stronger every day. We love your laugh and bright-eyed curiosity, not to mention your sweet angel face and curly hair. You are a fun kid to have around. But please consider napping more than 30 minutes per session, would you?

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