The Dog Days of Summer

It took long enough to get here, but our warm weather has finally arrived. I absolutely love it. It was just in time, too, since I don’t think I could have handled one more day of the “June Gloom” gray skies that carried into August. For the last two weeks temperatures have sat at about 85 degrees. Some have chastised the heat claiming it’s causing them to melt (hardly anyone has AC here in Santa Barbara). But I think summer is just not summer if you don’t spend some time sweating enough to make you want to jump in the pool.

And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. Thanks to some kindly folks in our Stake, we’ve spent hours and hours at the pool. Warren has made some serious strides in his swimming abilities. Maddie, too, has come to love hanging out in the cool waters– or napping under a tree (the only place she’ll do it these days). These last two weeks have been just what I’ve been missing this season. It’s been a treat to splash around in the water, drink tons of lemonade, and stay outside until dusk without even needing long sleeves.

Fans on all night, windows open, sun beating down to make you feel kinda sticky, Popsicles dripping onto your shirt, cool breezes under a shady tree, watermelon… the best parts of summer I hope we can enjoy just a little longer.

3 thoughts on “The Dog Days of Summer”

  1. Ah, you are better than me.

    Although we haven’t had the gloom since June, just bright nice days. I am a huge weather sissy now (as if you couldn’t tell).

  2. Ah, I am totally with you, Bean. I really don’t want summer to end until I’ve been miserably hot for at least three weeks. I need some sort of motivation to say “Bring on the cold weather!”

  3. I needed to read this to appreciate the beauty of the heat, because it hit the same week we were moving and cleaning. Thank you for the glimpse of glass half full!

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