Finger Foods

Now that Maddie has almost 4 teeth, we’ve exposed her to the world of solid foods, not just pureed. So far, she’s snacked on Cheerios, pinto beans, and graham crackers, all with surprising success.

At first attempt though, she gagged on her initial Cheerio, puking up the entire contents of her stomach, and so I thought it was going to be a long road. With so many tubes down her throat post-surgery, I was afraid that her gag reflex was going to be problematic. But it’s amazing how one day she’s unable to do something and practically the next day she suddenly can. Which was the case with eating these new consistencies. Now she sits in her high chair and gnaws on her own food like a big girl while we eat our meals. I think she feels pretty proud. I know I do.

The next step, mastering grabbing the food…

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