Unicycle… Check!

My co-worker Jim Owens brought his unicycle in to work today. I’ve always wanted to try one of those. I think I got half a revolution before landing on my back and elbows on the hard concrete. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow… on grass.

3 thoughts on “Unicycle… Check!”

  1. Ouch! That’s ironic because I had a conversation with the kids about a unicycle today… at least from what they were describing that’s what I originally thought they were talking about! Turns out it was a regular 2 wheeled bike without the front wheel for top-o-the-car transport. But still–how often does “unicycle” come up in conversation twice in the same day??

  2. Wow, a post from Colin! You should definitely try again (I agree, with a helmet) but this time make sure someone videos it for us to see! Then you can post a follow-up with the video!

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