A Round of Applause

That’s what Maddie will give you these days. Out of the blue she figured out how to clap her hands together. She can’t get enough of it. All we have to do is say, “Hooray!” or “Clap your hands, Maddie!” and she’s smacking her palms together with a toothy grin.

Other recent hand-use abilities include waving her hand “bye bye” or “hi,” depending on what we prompt her to do, and rapidly covering and uncovering her mouth to create the stereotypic “Indian war cry” sound.

All of a sudden she can do these things. Literally, one day she’s not even aware of the skill and the next she’s a pro at it. I love how quickly these little ones learn.

2 thoughts on “A Round of Applause”

  1. Such sweetness! those sound like some pretty fun tricks- I bet she is just a doll doing them…i can’t wait for Evan to pick some of those tricky things up!

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