Baby Gap


So I’m a complete rebel here, posting this picture when I’m not supposed to show any, but I don’t care. Just try and identify Maddie from this photo! And if she’s that recognizable with those teeth, say like Madonna, then she’d better be cashing in on those pearly whites in the near future. But in a more virtuous way, of course.

At 10 MONTHS, Maddie can now claim the following:

  • 4 teeth
  • the ability to rock back and forth on hands and knees
  • the art of screeching
  • a knack for scooting backward instead of forward (she’s so close to crawling!)
  • a genuine appreciation for humor–especially in the company of Warren
  • 17 lbs and counting
  • a love of tags, string, hair, and faces

We love you and your crinkled nose, wide toothed grin, Maddie!

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