Movin’ On Up

It feels almost too good to be true but we are moving from this hovel apartment. Tomorrow. We found a house to rent here in town and we are going to make it our home. I can’t believe it. I am so grateful.

Back in June, I wrote about my disbelief that we would ever be able to take root anywhere. That we would be stuck here in this apartment in limbo because we were too afraid to think of the alternatives. Back then, so many things were unknown.

Then last month, we finally felt that it was time to decide for ourselves and pray to know where we should settle our family. We wanted to know where the Lord would have us live. To our surprise, the answer was right here. Not Wenatchee, like we’d started considering. Not Albuquerque, like we reasoned would make the most financial sense. But here in Santa Barbara. We are both delighted and terrified. Though we love it here for so many reasons, the main reason that we don’t is not ever going to go away. It will always be ridiculously expensive. We just have to plan for that now. And not fear. We have our answer and that’s assurance enough for us.

It’s amazing to me that so many answers could be revealed in such a short amount of time. Things are moving forward in our adoption process. We know where we’re going to be for the next several years. We have a cute little house with a backyard, garage, and our very own washer and dryer to call home. It’s a very real reminder that I am forever impatient and trying to get things done in my own time frame, by my own terms.

It’s a good thing the Lord continues to bless me despite this fault.

10 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up”

  1. Congratulations!! That is so way exciting. Funny thing… I thought I was reading someone else’s blog in my reader, until I got to “Wenatchee,” and then I had to check what author I was reading!! Wish I could be there to help out!!

  2. You didn’t tell me that part of the story! Smart girl to not get my hopes up about Wenatchee. A girl can only have so much excitement, and the hair’s about to do me in… I am glad you finally have a clear answer. And hey, other people survive there so there’s gotta be a way!

  3. Congratulations!! Good luck with the move. Hopefully the adoption process will move quicker so we can see more pictures than just a smile. 🙂

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