Maddie is now 11 months old! She must have known that it was a big milestone because she decided to make it extra memorable: she started crawling precisely on the day. Chalk it up to being left on the floor countless times during the packing and moving, but she is now really and truly crawling. What an accomplishment! She has a few other tricks up her sleeve now too. She can make the signs for milk, “all done,” more, (which she mistakenly interchanges with “food”), and the ever-popular and all-important “touchdown Washington!” (with hands straight up in the air). She can say the words, “Hi Dad,” “Mama,” and “doll,” as well as many, many other nonsensical babbling sounds. Her eight teeth make her a pretty good chewer now, as well. With them, she likes to eat beans, rice, and vegetable bits. Her smiles and giggly squeals continue to brighten our days. How amazing you are, Maddie!

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