Moving into a actual house is a big deal. It means having a garage. It means having a back yard. It also means change. Change is not always what Renny does best. It’s not always something I do best either. For good or bad, we’ve all had our moments of transition into our new home.

Colin’s biggest change has been his bike commute. It’s now a whopping 30 minutes compared to the 25 he used to travel.

Madeline has enjoyed exploring as I’ve frantically tried to “baby-proof” our chaotic surroundings. Now that the kids have their own bedrooms, I feared that they wouldn’t sleep as well, but so far so good. She seems quite content in her own room.

Of course, I have loved this change. I don’t think there is a single thing that I miss about our old apartment, except for the pantry in the kitchen. And yet, I’ve had to adjust to fitting all our old stuff into our new space. Quite the challenge sometimes, but one that I’m happy to handle.

Little Warren, on the other hand, has had a very difficult time adjusting. Several times he has said that he wants to go back to our old home. He misses our old neighbors and his old bedroom. For all my griping about the inconveniences and the aesthetics of our old dump, he could care less. To him, it was home and it was all he ever really knew.

It’s hard to leave things behind, even if the new thing is 100 million times nicer than the old. I know he’ll come around and want to play in the back yard (he hasn’t been out in it yet), and explore in the garage (he hasn’t even tried the automatic opener to date), and that he’ll appreciate the extra space in his bedroom (too many boxes right now). There’s no hurry. We’ll be here for a few years…

One thought on “Transitions”

  1. That is so interesting, and makes me think a lot about what I value. Renny didn’t care that it was a little run-down. It was his home. I wonder if I put my mind to it, if I could be so satisfied with things that maybe I would wish to have improved. Not saying that you shouldn’t move to a better place if available; I just know I whined for a LONG time before we finally moved to a house…

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