We’ve had a few people in our ward preparing for missions in the last few months. Sitting at the dinner table, we started talking about one young man who would soon be entering the Missionary Training Center before heading off to serve a mission in Honduras. I guess Warren had never heard the acronym before and questioned, “What is the empty ocean?”

Colin and I looked at each other in bewilderment and then Colin asked, “You mean the M.T.C.?”

“Yeah,” Warren wondered, “what is the empty sea??”

I love the world through a 4-year-old filter.

2 thoughts on “The MTC”

  1. I love it!! I don’t know if I’ll ever again hear “MTC” and not think of Warren.

    When I was a kid, I asked my dad what a “shalmeno” was. He finally deciphered that I was trying to figure out the song “Love One Another,” and didn’t know what was meant by, “By this shalmeno, ye are my disciple.”

    Warren’s – Way funnier.

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