Two Cavities

I feel like the worst mother in the world. Warren’s latest dental check-up reported two cavities on his left back molars. It’s because we let him brush his own teeth and his toothbrush rarely visits that side of his mouth.

We set up the appointment for the fillings assuming that they would be using nitrous oxide, good old laughing gas. I’m a huge fan of that, myself, after having 4 teeth pulled prior to braces. Yanking teeth never seemed as funny! And we were secretly hoping for a similar experience to this kid’s to tell tales about.

I worried so much that Warren would freak out during the procedure since he seems to have a pretty low pain tolerance level and general fear of any medical practices beyond sticking on a band-aid. We even consulted with dentist friends to see if it was absolutely necessary to do it now since he’d be losing those teeth anyway. He’s had such positive experiences at the dentist’s office and loves both of the dentists there– a husband and wife team. I didn’t want to ruin that impression.

When we got there and Dr. Kim said that they didn’t use the gas on kids I stared at him with wide eyes. Oh dear. How was this going to go down?

To my surprise, and to the credit of Dr. Mrs. Kim (as we like to call her) he did absolutely great. She used all the trickery tactics she could to shield him from noticing a LARGE needle was heading his way and it worked. He felt nothing and realized nothing. Thank heavens for Novocaine! And for the numbing power of cartoons, also present at the procedure.

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  1. True confession: I’ve never even taken my kids to the dentist. If you are the worst mother in the world, I am surely the worst in the universe.

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