Maddie Turns One


Our little peanut turned one!  For all that she’s been through in her first year of life it’s truly a miracle.

We celebrated with a small party at the beach. Only in SoCal can you have a beach party in December! Friends from all over came to spend the afternoon with our special girl. She couldn’t get enough of the chocolate cake, shaped like a lady bug.

Little Maddie is quite the character. Still the “drama queen” and feisty one, she is proving to have a mind of her own. She’s a tough little girl, for which we are very grateful.

At one year, Maddie loves books, shutting doors, crawling everywhere, shoes, hair, Renny, picking up every little tiny piece of anything off the floor and putting it in her mouth, making her “cold face” (wide eyes, teeth clenched, shaky head), and feeding herself with a spoon to name just a few. She is snuggly and sweet and has an angel face that melts your heart.

We love you, Madeline. Happy Birthday to you!

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