Worm Invasion

I wish I were joking but we are being attacked by worms. It is so disgusting. The last few days have been super duper rainy and our yard has practically flooded. This morning we woke up to this:


About 15 of these little buggers all over our carpet. Our carpet! They squeezed under the weather strip on the back door leading to the yard and desperately tried to reach higher and drier ground. Some made it as far as our kitchen! But it was fruitless since their little worm bodies dried up too much in our well-heated home. Ugh! Revolting! Who ever thought we’d start our day picking up worm remains off the living room floor?!

Guess we need to readjust that weather stripping before the true rainy season hits in February.


What’s the strangest creature you’ve found in your home?

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