Winter at the Zoo

Now I don’t mean to rub it into those of you who are currently freezing in the frost and snow, but I think it’s common knowledge that our “winters” here are incredibly mild. Hardly a winter to speak of really. So to compensate, our local establishments shell out big bucks to create artificial reminders of the season.

The Santa Barbara Zoo had a snow leopard day, which we missed but were able to catch the remainder of before they finished cleaning up the trucked-in snow. Warren and his best buddy, Justin, had a blast throwing snow balls. Snow chunks, actually, that were super hard and would have hurt if actually tossed at someone. Maddie, too, loved holding the snow and got ticked at me when I took a piece away from her when I mistakenly thought her hands were freezing.

The rest of the time was spent at the “ant hill,” an artificial turf mound that the kids slide down on using cardboard boxes.

I love our zoo.

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