O-Christmas 2009


The Saturday before Christmas we went down for our “O (for my maiden name) Christmas” with my family and spent an absolutely perfect time with them.

The sun was shining, the decorations were sparkling, and the food was scrumptious. Seriously, my mom cooks a mean ham. And funeral potatoes, which she likes to call “Potatoes O’Brien” to cheer them up a bit. She can even pick out the juiciest fresh pineapple. Her food is good as gold.

Everything just felt like Christmastime and reminded me of when I was little. The kids played in the same backyard that I played in growing up, picking limes and lemons from the same trees, and rolling around in the same green grass. Maddie napped in my old room. Life felt slow and good.

My parents and brother go out of their way to spoil us rotten. They showered us with wonderful gifts that seemed to be just what we needed. I was thrilled that my mom was so touched by our present to her: a picture tote bag with recent family photos. Warren had many favorites this year exclaiming, “YES!” when opening one with an airplane. But he also loved the impromptu gift from Nana: a grabber on a stick used to pick up garbage. It’s always the little things…

Another wonderful O-Christmas to remember!

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