Renny Rides Solo


For Warren’s 3rd birthday, we got him a two-wheel bike but one without pedals. These are great little bikes because they teach balance without the hindering crutch that training wheels can become. For the last year and a half he has been cruising around on that thing without any fear. This year for Christmas, he asked Santa for a pedal bike. He felt like he was ready to upgrade and so did we.

His only problem was that he had little experience actually pedaling anything. Not a tricycle or big wheel or anything. We had no yard and therefore no way to provide any opportunity. So recently we borrowed a friend’s bike (with training wheels) so he could practice a little. We hoped that he would be confident enough to then go out on his own.

He was thrilled to get his new bike Christmas morning, which I think gave him all the motivation he needed to give it a go. We took him to the church parking lot. In less than an hour he went from insisting that Colin hold onto his seat to insisting that Colin let go so he could ride faster.

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Riding a bike is a big accomplishment. We’re so proud of him for working hard to master this skill. What a big boy he is!

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