The Proper Care and Feeding of Dinosaurs


As with all 4.5-year-olds, Warren’s imagination knows no bounds. Playgroup this month has been at Dinosaur Park, named so for it’s large climbable stegosaurus. As soon as Warren woke up this morning and realized that it was Tuesday and park day he threw on his dinosaur shirt (generously given by Sarah and Paul) and bounced around the house in excitement.

Just before we left the playground to head home for lunch he asked me if we could go on a dinosaur hunt. We tracked the beasts with our magnifying glasses and found foot prints and bones in the dried mud off by the reeds. We wound up taking some baby brontosauruses home with us– on a leash, of course– and brought them to stay in our backyard.

For the next hour (I kid you not!), Warren laid out all feeding and sleeping options that these new-found friends would require. Detail after detail for what kind of sandwiches they liked (ham and cheese, like he was about to eat), the quality of their mattresses, their afternoon activities, their temperament, their names…

The best part was his genuine enthusiasm and lively explanations. I couldn’t help but smile and hope that I was contributing enough to his creation.

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