To Do in 2010

Time to take account of all of the goals I set out to do in 2009. After personal reflection, I’d like to report that there was some success, but also some failure. Not too bad, but I definitely could improve. That’s why there’s a whole new year, I guess!

So for 2010 I plan to attempt the following (yes, there are repeats from last year because why not keep trying, eh?):

  • Do some sort of physical activity every day
  • Be more patient, especially with Warren and Maddie
  • Prepare my Sharing Time lessons a week before I give them
  • Clean the bathrooms once a week
  • Practice the piano more often
  • Plan out our weekly dinner menu on Sunday to be ready for shopping on Monday
  • Blog as events happen and not let posts build up
  • Memorize (more completely) the Articles of Faith (Renny is making this his goal, too)
  • Decide each day to focus on the positive

I love having the chance to start anew. The latest issue of The Friend reminded me what this time is all about: “A whole wonderful new year—365 days in which to learn and grow and serve and have fun.”

Happy New Year to all!

4 thoughts on “To Do in 2010”

  1. For the Articles of Faith, it is ALL ABOUT the songs in the Children’s Songbook. They are kind of crazy, weird melodies. Dave hates them. But I tell you what, I have to learn the songs since I lead the music in Primary, and it’s the first time I’ve ever been able to memorize the Articles of Faith. I can even do the 13th!!

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