Along the Bluffs

Every late autumn through early spring, the Monarch butterflies migrate into town. Goleta is home to the largest Butterfly Preserve in the country. It’s because the weather is so temperate here. I guess the Monarchs are just a bunch of beach bums.

I threw Maddie in the kid pack (on my back, for the first time, which she loved) and we headed into the grove. Not many butterflies today. But we continued on with our journey and walked out to the Ellwood Bluffs.

By that time Maddie had fallen asleep so Renny and I parked it on the edge of the cliff and ate our lunch listening to the sounds of crashing waves and seals barking.

Just your typical wintertime activity here.

One thought on “Along the Bluffs”

  1. JEALOUS!!! Miss you guys. You must come visit when the adoption is finalized!! (I assume you can’t come before then, but if you can, then asap!)

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