My Sibling, My Friend

We started telling Warren that baby sister, Maddie, would come to our family back when he was 3. We wanted to prepare him for that huge change and get him excited about being a big brother. We told him that she would be a tiny baby and wouldn’t be able to do much in the beginning. He seemed satisfied knowing that she would one day be his playmate and that he could assume the role of experienced older sibling, teaching her all that he knew.

Now that Madeline’s mobile, it seems that time has finally come.

Warren and Maddie have always shared such a sweet bond. He’s always been the one that could make her laugh the most and she’s always brought out his most tender side. He dotes on her and she adores him. These last few days have been precious as she’s allowed him to engage her in all sorts of big kid activities. Fort building, chalk drawing, tea party dining… He is excited to have her right there with him and she can’t get enough of whatever he is doing.

This may not last forever, especially once she can actually reach his Lego sets, but I’m going to enjoy watching the interaction as much as possible.

One thought on “My Sibling, My Friend”

  1. I love this. And I love that Heavenly Father, in all His crazy ways, has brought them together. What a great blessing.

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