Forgoing the Shirt


At only 4.5 years old, dressing modestly has already been a topic of conversation for Warren. Perhaps he was actually paying attention to a Sacrament Meeting talk or it was something he picked up on in a Primary Sharing Time lesson. However it showed up on his radar, he’s pondered it. Once, he refused to wear his soccer shirt without sleeves because he felt it wasn’t very modest. So I was surprised when he asked me the following question:

“Mama, do I need to wear a shirt?”

“Do you mean in general, or right now?” I probed.

“Ever,” he clarified. “I’m not going to wear a shirt anymore!” at which point he yanked off his red race car top and threw it on the ground. Then he hopped up on the coffee table and stuck out his stomach with pride.

“What about when we go to restaurants?” I asked in amusement. “Some of them say: No shirt. No shoes. No service. What if they don’t let you in?”

“Then I’ll wear my shirt when we go out, but I’ll just leave my shirt off when we’re home. Like when we go in the back yard, I’ll not have my shirt on,” he explained, the whole time looking down at his potbelly.

A new phase perhaps? Testing the boundaries or figuring out social norms? I wondered how long it would last. Luckily, our weather permits such attire, or lack thereof, should he decide to try the half-nude lifestyle.

Turns out he only wants to see his belly without restriction. He spent the majority of the day admiring the view and patting it with adoration. Why cover up a perfectly adorable gut when you can survey it just by looking down? I would have never guessed that he loves his potbelly almost as much as I do.

3 thoughts on “Forgoing the Shirt”

  1. I love imagining him strutting around the house admiring the view without his shirt on. I admit, as my belly changes each week I enjoy looking at my bare stomach more than usual as well. Maybe Warren and I are going through the same stage? 🙂

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