The New Home (Part 1)

Getting settled into a new dwelling is always a challenge. Pictures to hang. Cabinets and drawers to organize. You have your old stuff which now needs to fit into a new space. Sometimes you get the good fortune of being able to start over. New house, new stuff.

We are attempting to do a little bit of both. We have some good pieces that we’re keeping (our long dining table from IKEA) and some that we can’t wait to post on Craigslist (our futons, also from IKEA). Pretty much everything we’ve owned as a married couple has come from IKEA. Still love the store, but are ready to upgrade.

But that means that settling in has come in stages, this time around. We purchased an entertainment center made of real wood and already assembled to house our gigantic TV which we use as our computer screen. (Post on the acquisition of said screen to follow, if I can get Colin to write it!) But we’re still sitting on the futons and we don’t yet have a new shelf to house our last few boxes of books.

All this to say that our house is not what I would call picture friendly yet. So I’m posting little bits for you to whet your whistle. Just the parts that I consider “done.” Not that our home has to be perfect to make the blog because we’d all be passed out holding our breath waiting for that to happen. But hopefully we can make some more progress soon.

Today’s viewing includes the exterior, front entrance, hallway, and kitchen, with a sneak peek into the living/dining area.

4 thoughts on “The New Home (Part 1)”

  1. You are such a good decorator. Someday when I am rich I will just give you a budget and you can come decorate my house, like on HGTV! I love that last picture looking into the living room, serene and beautiful and organized, with Renny doing a somersault!!

  2. We are in the same place–moving into a house and getting ready to enhance our furnishings. Pass on all your tips! Your place looks great!

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