Who Needs Sleep?

Poor Maddie. For reasons I’m not allowed to go into yet (very soon, though, I hope!) she has some pretty gnarly gas pains when she’s horizontal. And when is she most often in that position? That’s right, it’s at night when we’re all trying to sleep more than 3 hours a stretch.

Because she’s in pain she can’t sleep. And when she can’t sleep Colin and I can’t sleep. And she let’s us know in the loudest way possible that she’s awake. Her screeches most likely wake the neighborhood. It’s heartbreaking but frustrating at the same time.

We don’t know how to resolve the problem or if there even is a solution. An unrealistic and foolhardy sense of entitlement tells me that she’s now 13 months old and should be past nighttime wakings. We’ve paid our dues! We’re ready for more restful nights now. But her health conditions make it so those ideas are kinda out the window. Not completely, but enough.

On the bright side, there are two by-products of this situation that I’m currently enjoying: one is the start of the 1 nap-a-day (some afternoons she goes two whole hours!) and the other is the sweet way that Maddie gently plays with the back of my hair when I’m holding her in the middle of the night. If she’s depriving me from decent sleep in the wee hours, at least she’s providing some good cuddling while at it.

And let it be known that it’s mostly Colin who is getting that nighttime cuddling. I’m so grateful that he is willing to be on active night watch. He’s so good to me.

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