Maddie Knows How to Celebrate


Last year, Warren and Colin were both puking their guts out on Colin’s birthday. Madeline had just joined our family and had brought with her a wicked stomach flu which she shared with the whole family. What a way to celebrate.

Saint Patrick’s Day 2009 she underwent major open heart surgery and this summer’s reunion with both sides of Colin’s family had her coughing and visiting the doctor’s office while on vacation.

Two days after finalizing her adoption, Madeline came down with a fever (post on the implications of this to follow shortly) and we had to take her to the emergency room. All four of us were there to party in the waiting room.

Though it’s never a fun experience to take your kid to the hospital, Maddie had some moments of good humor. She didn’t like the poking and prodding, of course, but she started to calm down faster than she has in the past. Waiting in the triage area was hilarious because she began talking and gesticulating with great enthusiasm, almost as if she were trying to tell us how she was feeling.


Luckily, she wasn’t admitted to the hospital this time around. The usual round of testing was ordered: chest x-ray, blood and urine cultures, white blood cell count analysis. We left after it was determined that her illness was most likely viral and not bacterial. They found a pneumonia in her lungs but her decreasing fever was a good sign that she would be OK without being hospitalized.

Both kids were absolutely incredible through the whole ordeal. We didn’t leave until 11PM which made for a long night, but they were so patient. Maddie screamed when they did the urine catheter and when they started her IV, but otherwise was relatively calm. Warren was especially amazing as he didn’t utter one word of complaint, not even when he had to wait until 7PM to eat dinner (his usual bedtime).

Our next big event will be the day that we seal Madeline to our family in the temple at the end of this month. How will she choose to acknowledge that special day, I wonder??

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  1. Aw, feel better SOON Maddie! I’m glad she’s stable enough to be home though. I am so exited for you guys that the sealing date is at the end of this month- how incredible! This post confirmed to me what my Mom was trying to convince me of a week ago- Maddie and Warren TOTALLY do look alike! 🙂

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