Warrenisms: Special Edition


Warren is a talker. He always has been, too. His first words were “get it!” at 7 months. Not only does he have a great command of grammar and sentence structure, but his vocabulary is pretty rockin’ to boot. To top it off, he pronounces words very well, especially for a four-year-old.

But for all of his proper use of language, there are some words he says that are a bit wonky. Some are common among preschoolers, like his “l” sounding like “w,” as in wittle, wightning, and Wegos. Others are just the wrong vocabulary word for the occasion. And no matter how many times I remind him that it’s said one way, he continues to mis-pronounce it or misuse it. I love it. I think it’s so endearing to hear his own interpretation of the words.

I know that he’ll one day say them correctly, which kind of makes me sad. So, lest I forget forever, here are some phrases that make me smile every time:

“Is Mt. Saint Helens still interrupting?”

“Did pirates use a canyon to fire from their ships?”

“The elevator doors open atomotically!

“My birsday is March 26th!”

“Fourteen, feffteen, sixteen…”

“I’m really interested into Legos”

“Calvin and Hobbes are really good at imaginating.”


I used to say thingers and fumbs and sootball (for football) when I was little. What are some cute ones you or your kid(s) used?

One thought on “Warrenisms: Special Edition”

  1. Aren’t you so glad you’ve written these down? Forever preserved! My favorite is Mt. Saint Helens. I think it probably does interrupt sometimes.

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