Pitfire Pizza

With dear friends and family gathered together for such a special event as Maddie’s sealing, we had to celebrate afterward with some good eats. I trust my friend Sarah’s opinion of food completely, especially when it comes to pizza, so when I asked her for a recommendation, she suggested Pitfire Pizza. It was 2 minutes away from the temple, had a good variety, and would accommodate noisy children. I was sold.

Oh my! This was fantastic. Great pizza, great panini (thanks to those who let me sample), and phenomenal freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (thanks Billy and Ingrid for the splurge!). We’re talking chocolate grated and mixed into the dough in addition to the overflow of chocolate chips. Sarah said she knew of an even better pizza joint, but that seems hard to believe. I think we’ve found ourselves a new must-visit restaurant for when we attend the temple. This and Diddy Riese.

Friends and Family, thank you for sharing a wonderful event with us. We sincerely missed those of you who tried but couldn’t come. We felt you there in spirit.

P.S. We are finally over our illnesses. Thank goodness!

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