Our California Adventure


We’d heard some mixed reviews on the California Adventure theme park. Can you believe we’d never been before? Our “2fer” deal allowed us to go for the day so we decided to give it a try.

We loved it! There were just as many rides for Maddie to go on (if not more) as Disneyland. The “Toy Story ” ride in 3D was the first one we did as a family. I love shooting games and this one was a hoot!

The kids really had a great time. The only bummer was since Grandma Tuki and Melissa didn’t accompany us we had to trade off on riding and even had to forgo the big roller coaster.

But we both took turns riding this one:


Thrill seeking at its finest.

We could have spent all day in the “Bug’s Life” district of the park, if Warren had his way. Maddie loved it, too.

It’s great to enjoy something you once had lower expectations about. A pleasant surprise.

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