Pool Lounging

After a week of walking the theme parks, we needed a little relaxation time by the pool. Except, Warren does anything but relax in the water. The kid is a fish. Just like I was when I was young (even now, really) you can’t tear him away from the water. He could swim all day.

And he did. His swimming skills are improving greatly. He can swim completely by himself, just not for extended periods or for any real distance. So that means one of us is in the pool with him all day, as well. Great for me, but not for Madeline. The poor thing gets cold too fast to make it enjoyable. She preferred the hot tub.

Grandma Tuki got to read in the sun (one of her favorite pastimes), Melissa swam like a mermaid, and Colin worked from the hotel room while Maddie napped. It was a good set-up for all.

Below, Maddie shows off her swim ensemble while Warren is depicted in the only moment of reprieve from the water (we were packing up for the day).

The best part about spending the day at the pool? How well they sleep later that night.

3 thoughts on “Pool Lounging”

  1. What a fabulous week! I’m so glad you guys had so much fun. Melissa’s been talking about going down there for months! She’s such a riot. I forgot to tell you to ask her what a Rhino sounds like. You’ll have to do that next time, the sound that comes out of her is AWESOME!

    1. Oh, I wish I would have known to ask her, Eileen! We love asking her to recite such things. You should ask her what languages Colin speaks. Pay special attention to the Portuguese one! 😉

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