Our grass provides a wealth of buttercups and Warren likes to pick them. He runs back in the house with his floppy bouquet and announces, “They’re for you, Mama!” My heart melts every time.

I put his first gathering in a small vase on the window sill and told them how lovely I thought they were. He decided he needed to take a picture, which he did all by himself. Now, each time he brings me some, he wants to take another picture. Same shot, slightly different composition. I don’t mind so much.



3 thoughts on “Buttercups”

  1. So cute! I used to pick flowers for my mom when I was little. She called them “Peanut Zeanut Flowers.” Those flowers that he is picking are clover flowers. They are edible. I’ve seen people put them in salad, and I read that the Chumash ate them (and the clover too, I think). I’ve tried them. They taste pretty good.

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