5 thoughts on “Eleven Years”

  1. Note: You can’t tell by the post or the picture. I was mowing the lawn. I wasn’t just out in the grass for a stroll with bags on my feet to protect my shoes. That would be crazy.

  2. LOL hahahaha! Colin, the fact that you were mowing the lawn unfortunately does NOT make it less geeky that you had grocery bags to protect your pretty shoes. Next time we see you we’ll buy you some nice dirty mowing shoes from Goodwill :).

  3. Okay Dave just said maybe the problem is that mowing shoes at the Goodwill in CA might actually still be $100. That’s a financial thinker for you. So we’ll have to get them up here and bring them down for you.

  4. Ah, Colin- your comment here and your last post make me miss your sense of humor! I don’t know anyone else with the same kind. I laughed when I read your comment because when I first read this post I was thinking “What was he doing in the grass? Just lounging?” Thanks for the clarification! But yes, it is still just as geeky.

    Oh, and happy anniversary!

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