Yeppers. Yeash.


Ever since Warren was tiny, we’ve always sung “What a Wonderful World” to him every night at bedtime. I sometimes like to mix up the words to tease him. Usually I’ll substitute our ending “oh, yes” with “oh, yeppers” or “oh, yeash.” He always corrects me until I do it right, no matter how long it takes. I guess last night he was tired of my games. He, exasperated, told me: “Dad, I don’t want to have this argument every time.”

P.S.- Can anyone name the origin of the yeppers-yeash combo?

5 thoughts on “Yeppers. Yeash.”

  1. He’s starting to grow up….no more games, Mom.

    Yeppers-yeash……The Office? “What did I tell you about Yeppers?”

  2. Can I just eat those dimples?? Well… I was going to guess Scooby Doo… but I can tell from the other comments that I am way off. Oh well, I am not an Office fan, in fact quite the opposite.

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