Little Big Girl


Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying… Madeline thinks she is so big yet her little body hasn’t quite caught up to her desires. That doesn’t stop her from trying though. She’s able to do an amazing amount for such a little thing.

Though she can’t run like she thinks she can, she is getting closer and closer to walking more than 5 steps unassisted. She doesn’t yet climb into the bathtub by herself, but she scales the futon in record time. She can’t quite get to the top of the slide on her own, but she races down alone and has been known to push helping hands away. Soup still spills off the spoon but she eats her mashed potatoes solo and gets only a marginal amount on her bib.

Her understanding has picked up at lightning speed, as well. She sorts through the tupperware and kids’ diningware drawers to find the appropriate lids to fit the containers. She can fold her arms at the beginning of prayers, though there’s no guarantee that they remain that way until the end. She wants to talk on the phone as soon as she sees me answer it.

Oh, how I love to see you grow, Maddie. Every new achievement is a joy for us all.


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