Kindergarten Readiness


While driving in the car a few weeks back, Warren asked, “Mom, why do you and Dad and Maddie have to stay in that little house?”

I was racking my brain trying to figure out where he was going with that.

“What do you mean?” I asked after coming up empty.

“I mean at my new school. You said you’d have to go in that special house.”

Aha! A plausible connection. I laughed so hard.

“You mean when I told you that we’d be going to your school’s open house in a few weeks?” I clarified. I then explained the purpose of our upcoming date to view the school where Warren will attend kindergarten next fall. He seemed relieved.

Tonight was the night of the open house. I am feeling mixed emotions. This kid is ready to explore and learn and grow. He is excited to investigate bugs and play new musical instruments and build grander Lego sets than what he can do at home. And I am thrilled for him to be able to do it all.

But I am so tender, as well. My sweet little boy will be starting a life of his own come August. He is both eager and timid at the same time and it makes me a little weepy to know that he’ll be on his own for so much of the day.

This is a bittersweet time for both of us. Have I taught him all he needs to know? What will my day be like without him asking questions as I prepare a meal or accompanying me to the grocery store? He wonders if he’ll be missed by Maddie and me while he’s gone even as he’s planning what activities he’ll do on the playground.

A “Welcome to Kindergarten” packet contained a booklet that made me pause. The question, “How can I help my child at home?” had a list of useful answers that struck a chord. One in particular was especially poignant. Realize that your child is a gift more important than your job, a clean house, or anything you could achieve in your lifetime.

I know this, but does he? Do I show him enough? When he runs off to join his class on the first day of school will he look back at me with confidence because I have given him that foundation?

It is my prayer. And it’s my duty to make sure that the next four months reflect that.

7 thoughts on “Kindergarten Readiness”

  1. Will he be in full day or half day? This post made me teary-eyed thinking about my Nina starting 1st grade and going full day instead of half day. Half day every day seems like the perfect amount for her and me. Do I really have to let her go to school all day??

  2. It makes my heart tender reading this too. You know how I hate change. Warren is such a great kid. While you will miss him, I am sure he will bring great joy to all these other peoples’ lives who will get to interact with him on a daily basis at school.

  3. You are such a beautiful writer Jeannie!! This is like a perfect poem of EXACTLY the way I was feeling a year ago. And now, just as I am comfortable with and proud of the fact Jolie is on her own, gaining confidence and independence, the school calls and tells me she wet her pants.

  4. Awe, your feelings mirror mine. Lily doesn’t go to Kindergarden for another year and I sometimes already think about it! I’m such a sap though. I’m gearing myself up for when she sings to me on mother’s day for the first time this year. Hehe.

  5. I was prepped a little because I chose to have my oldest in preschool two mornings a week. So I had that experience way before kindergarten. I will say, my oldest LOVES going to school. I have gone out of my way to arrange my schedule to be in his classroom for one day a week(for like an hour and half) to help out the teacher so I can see Lucas and how he interacts with his peers and know what’s going on. He has shown me things in that short time I have visited his class that he hasn’t shown at home. It almost brings me to tears that he is the one trusted to be partnered up with a special needs kid. The patience he shows towards that boy is remarkable. He’s pretty good with his siblings, but that was a side of him I didn’t know about until kindergarten. I didn’t intend this to be a novel, sorry. I just got on a roll there. Warren will do great!!!

  6. He’s a lucky boy to have you for a mom! He will do great, I’m sure, but I really think it’s harder on the moms than the kids. I still get weepy some days when I drop Haley off and watch her walk into that school all by herself. And it is SO hard to know she has all those hours separate from me. All the questions in the world after school can’t fill me in! Good luck!!!

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