Giving Up the Bottle


It has taken forever to get here, but Maddie has finally decided that she can drink milk from a cup and no longer needs the bottle. Hallelujah. That is a freedom I was greatly looking forward to enjoying.

When Warren turned 12 months, we cut him off cold turkey and he never looked back. I do remember sobbing at the sink as I washed his last bottle out that night, however. My baby was growing so fast.

This time around, and at almost 17 months, there were no tears. Just a pleasant feeling of seeing the corner of the counter free from clutter. I just love when Maddie advances to another stage. Despite that someday I will most likely miss these little facets of babyhood and will look back wistfully, for now, I’m just grateful that she’s progressing. It means she’s doing alright.

Way to go, Big Girl!

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