Girls’ Getaway


I’ve said before that I have amazing friends. Two of my very best ones provided me with the opportunity to escape life for the weekend. We had a girls’ getaway where the entire agenda consisted of talking, eating, and talking some more. We did venture out for a dinner downtown and a stroll through many cute shops, but mostly we just curled up on the sofa and poured out our hearts to one another. It is exactly what I needed.

What a perfect retreat before Mother’s Day. I could step away from my regular responsibilities and come back refreshed and more grateful for the blessings I have: my sweet babies and loving husband.

Christy and Tami, thank you both a million times over for making it possible for me to spend time with you. The weekend was absolutely perfect.

2 thoughts on “Girls’ Getaway”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I took my kids and a friend and her daughter and went camping. Our daddy stayed home since he was not feeling well. I wish he had gone but is was so nice to be together with my kids, to enjoy them. Have a great week

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