Growls & Words


Maddie’s latest form of communication is growling. Like a lion. Or maybe a dinosaur. It’s guttural and low, something I would have never expected from such a itty bitty girl. She can carry on like that for quite some time. From the back of the car I’ll hear a “grrrrrr” as we run our errands around town. Sometimes it’s while she’s eating in her high chair. She thinks it’s so funny. So do the rest of us.

Also, really and truly, she now says “Mama.” I want to give her the world if she asks for it when I hear my name in her sweet little voice.

2 thoughts on “Growls & Words”

  1. The growling is awesome. I love to see the look on people’s faces when Anika growls, which she does often. They always give me the look like “Wow, did you teach her that?” And I just look back with “Don’t ask me, she came that way!”

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